Thursday, August 27, 2009

Waft to Whiff! ~Our First Experiement~

Today we had our first experiment in the LAB! It was fun, despite the fact that Mrs. M woke up with NO voice! Ms. Al the Science Gal came and helped teach our lab! She is so great and helpful.
Our lab today was called waft to whiff. We did this lab to teach scientists not to directly smell a substance, but to bring the fumes of the substance to their noses. My students did an awesome job! They are great "wafters"!

Here are the different scents of the day. Tomorrow the students will be asked to write about a memory that one of the flavors reminded them of. I can't wait to hear the stories. It is so fun to see how science can relate to all other things in our lives!
Congrats to the fifth graders for success on their first lab of the year!
Mrs. M

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