Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 31 words

We are working and getting ready for the upcoming TAKS test. The kids are very knowledgable in fifth grade science, and I am sure they will do great! I am just making sure that I cover all that is needed, so the kids will feel success next week on the test. I am excited for them! The words this week are review words. They have seen these words before, but I feel that it is important for them to see them again! The TAKS test will be next Thursday, April 29.

1. adaptation- a structure of behavior that helps an organism survive in its surroundings.
2. reflection- the bounching back of light waves from a surface.
3. Moon Phases- the regular changes in the way the moon look from Earth.
4. Delta- a large flat area of land a the mouth of a river formed by deposited sediment.
5. revolution- one complete trip of a planet around a star.
6. photosynthesis- the process of using the energy in sunlight to make food from water and carbon dioxide.
7. sun- the major source of energy to Earth.
8. fossil fuels- a fuel that was formed from the decayed remains of ancient plants and animals.
9. food chain- the path of food energy from one organism to another in an ecosystem.
10. rotation- the spinning of a planet or moon on its axis.


I love you.
Mrs. M

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apologies...and our field trip!

I have neglected this little blog! I am so sorry for that. I know that there are people who truly keep up with what is going on in Mrs. M's room and that I reaaly need to update!

Right before spring break, we went on a great field trip. Lee high School created "Lee lab days" to help get students that are feeding into Lee interested in science. I think it worked. I had several students tell me that day that day that they are going to be a scientist! I also got to see my ninth grade biology teacher. It was in his class that I realized how much I love science and it was great to see him! I got to tell him that he made in difference for me...and teachers love to hear that kind of thing!!
The students watched a Mad Science presentation, dissected a cows eyeball, made flubber, then got to talk with one of the coaches and see a real skull! It was pretty cool day. And I know the kids enjoyed it!