Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apologies...and our field trip!

I have neglected this little blog! I am so sorry for that. I know that there are people who truly keep up with what is going on in Mrs. M's room and that I reaaly need to update!

Right before spring break, we went on a great field trip. Lee high School created "Lee lab days" to help get students that are feeding into Lee interested in science. I think it worked. I had several students tell me that day that day that they are going to be a scientist! I also got to see my ninth grade biology teacher. It was in his class that I realized how much I love science and it was great to see him! I got to tell him that he made in difference for me...and teachers love to hear that kind of thing!!
The students watched a Mad Science presentation, dissected a cows eyeball, made flubber, then got to talk with one of the coaches and see a real skull! It was pretty cool day. And I know the kids enjoyed it!

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