Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today we discussed the five types of energy that we will be learning about this year. We discussed light, heat, solar, sound, and electric energy! We learned that energy can be transferred and transformed. Those words sound so much alike, so we discussed the difference and came up with examples of each!
Transfer: For this word we discussed transferring to a new school. When you transfer to a new school, you just move from one school to another. When energy transfers, it moves from one object to another. Today our lab activity showed us that heat transferred from the first chocolate chip all the way down the row to the last one.

Transform: For this word we discussed transformers. When you play with transformers, it starts out as a robot then turns into a car. It changed into something completely different. When energy transforms, it turns from one type of energy to a completely different type of energy. Electricity can turn in to light, heat, sound, and magnetism. Our lab tomorrow will prove this!

Our new song! (to the tune of "I've Been Working on the Railroad) Light, heat, solar, sound, electric are the forms of energy light, heat, solar, sound, electric -its easy you will see! light can bend and bounce off objects heat will keep us warm solar comes from the sunlight and sound vibrates in horns! electric current flows through circuits to transform energy electric current flows through circuits to make light, and sound, and heat!

It was super day in Science!
Mrs. M


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