Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Symmetry~and a suprise!!

Today we talked about symmetry! When a shape has a line of symmetry, it can be folded and match up perfectly! Alot of letters of the alphabet have lines of symmetry!
A B C D E H I K M O T U V W X Y...are the letters that have a line of symmetry. Some of the letters have more than one line of symmetry!
Leave me a comment to tell me which letters have more than one line of symmetry!

  • Solar cookers are due tomorrow!
  • We will be cooking hot dogs with our solar cookers on Friday afternoon. Wednesday I will be asking for volunteers to help bring all of the food and condiments!

And...one more thing!

Boy! Do I have a suprise for you! Can you guess it? Here are your clues:

  • white
  • safety
  • buttons

love yall!

Mrs. M


  1. Line of symmetry:
    H and O
    Those are the ones I found that had more then one line of symmetry!

    My guess:
    safety glasses
    it has the "button" i guess you could call it on each on the sides-BUTTON and you use them to protect your eyes- SAFETY

  2. Good Guess maddie! But...thats not it!!!

  3. hey Ms.M i think it is lab coats
    bianca madrid