Monday, October 26, 2009

Week Nine words

Week Nine Vocabulary
Ocotber 26th -October 30th
Your spelling and vocabulary test will be on Friday, October 30th . You will be responsible for knowing how to spell each word correctly and the definition for each word.

1. Natural resource- resources that are used by humans, such as minerals, water, fossil fuels, and food sources.
2. Renewable resource- natural resource that can be renewed or replaced by nature.
3. Nonrenewable resource- a resource that can’t be replaced in nature.
4. Inexhaustible resource- resources that cannot be used completely.
5. Fossil fuels- come from the bodies of dead organisms that lived many years ago. Material from these organisms are pressed together to form coal, oil, or natural gas.
6. Coal- solid fossil fuel formed deep within the Earth.
7. Natural Gas- a fossil fuel, flammable odorless gas found in Earth’s crust.
8. Oil- fossil fuel and material resource that formed deep in the Earth from remains fo ancient plants and animals. It is also known as Petroleum.
9. Pangaea- super continent

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