Thursday, September 10, 2009

Attractive Science!

Today we learned about magnets! We had a science experiment in our super-cool lab! The students were given trays loaded with various items.

The students had to list their items on their lab sheet and make predictions. Students had to discuss whether or not they thought each item would attract to a magnet or not.
After students made their predictions, they got to start testing! Some students were shocked to find out that not all metals are magnetic! I love watching kids learn!

When we went back to our classroom, we discussed magnets! We talked about how magnets have a north and a south pole.
We discussed that opposite poles will attract to each other.

We discussed that like poles will repel from each other.

We also looked at the periodic table! It was amazing to see that most of earth's elements are metals, but only three of those elements are magnetic! Iron, Nickel, and cobalt are the magnetic metals. Steel is also magnetic and is made up of a mixture of metals including iron.

Tomorrow we will have our spelling and vocabulary test, see a demonstration of the water cycle, and even learn a new song!

Science is so fun!
Mrs. M

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  1. Thanks for putting all this online. We really enjoy seeing what the kids are learning. LOVE all the hands on activities and songs....your the best!!!
    Jen Wilcox