Friday, September 18, 2009

Noisy Friday!

Today we studied Sound. Sound is caused by vibrations. Our different sound stations proved that!

Mrs. M does not even have a headache! Woohoo!

Today the fifth grade teachers unveiled our new t-shirts! We loved wearing them and showing off the fact that our students rock!

Just another happy day!
Mrs. M


  1. I saw yall wearing those today and those are awesome! Did yall order them ofline line or did yall by them somewhere here in Midland? I want one of the rhinestone ones that say SR on them but I dont know where you get them!? Yall are great teachers together, Ms. Duty fits in just right with yall! You are all GREAT teachers!:)
    Maddy Jane:)

  2. wat she said
    Jasmine Hazelton
    PS Alyssa Snell hello!