Tuesday, September 22, 2009


In class today students had to think and problem solve. They were shown several different mixtures and had to separate them into two groups. The students did very well and most groups began grouping them by mixtures you can separate and mixtures that you can't separate very easily.
We discussed that a regular mixture is easy to separate and you can see each ingredient. It is also very easy to separate out the ingredients. The mixtures we looked at today were pepper and salt, chunky applesauce, chicken noodle soup, Italian salad dressing, and salad.
We also discussed that a solution is also a combination of ingredients, but when you look at it, you can't see each ingredient because they are dissolved. It is also difficult to separate the ingredients out. The most common solution that fifth graders face is salt water. When you look at salt water you can not see the salt because it is dissolved. If we really wanted to separate the solution, we could heat it and cause the water to evaporate, leaving the salt.
Students also brainstormed different mixtures and solutions that we eat! They came up with some great things!

Tonight students are to create their own mixture or solution in the provided baggie! Tomorrow students will write about and present their mixture to the class.

Get ready students...tomorrow you will need your serious rhyming skills!

Just another crazy mixed up day!!
Mrs. M

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