Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crazy...mixed up...

Today we mixed! Students were given 8 different mixtures to make in class. They had to decided if the mixtures were solutions or not. If something dissolved, it was a solution. I would say the kids had fun doing this.
Of course, it wouldn't be safe if we didn't wear our goggles to do this experiment! :)

We also learned ANOTHER song! I told the kids we would sing a new song for every topic they learned this year...little did I know, I would become a songwriter! There just aren't too many songs out there about mixtures and fact, I don't think there are any at all! So, here you go, the mixtures and solutions rap song! Enjoy!

I love my job!
Mrs. M


  1. That song Rocks
    Jasmine Hazelton

  2. I'm a new 5th grade science teacher. Your blog has inspired me!!! Where did you get the goggles and lab coats???

  3. I love your blog, I'm a 5th grade science teacher and the activities you have are great.

  4. Do you mind sharing with me the worksheet you used for these students to record their data in? THank you Nicole Ciccarelli....a fellow 6th grade science teacher.

  5. love the song! My kids turned it into a "rap"... cool!

  6. Do you mind sharing the worksheet with me as well? I am teaching my first lesson on science to my internship class and your blog has helped me so much! I had no idea how to teach physical properties and make it fun but after reading this I have so many ideas.