Friday, September 11, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Today in class we had our spelling and vocabulary test. Make sure you study every night for the weekly test!

Study tip: Don't have your child spell the word out loud to you while studying. In class, I call out the word and they have to write it down. The most effective way of studying would be to have your child write the words down as you call them out! Sometimes it is easier to say the word outloud, but getting it down on paper is more difficult!

We made a model of the water cycle in a jar today! (I will post pictures Sunday because I am out of town for the weekend!). We boiled water on a hot plate, then poured the water in a glass jar. The water was still evaporating and we saw a cloud in the jar. We put ice on the lid and watched as the water vapor turned back into a liquid and "precipitated" back into the water. This is a great experiment to do at home, with parent help of course!

We also put our water cycle song in our journals and drew a diagram and labeled the water cycle.

We have tons of experiments next week! Get ready for some super cool science!
Mrs. M

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