Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What's the Matter?

Today in Science we learned about how matter can change in state. We talked about how adding or taking away heat can make matter change. If we add heat to an ice cube, it will change from a solid to a liquid. If we continue to add heat to water, it will turn into a gas, called water vapor. To turn the water vapor back in to water, it needs to be cooled. We made this to help us remember all of this information!

Then we wrote about it.

Since we were talking about evaporation and condensation, I thought it would be a good idea to throw in a quick introduction to the water cycle. We discussed the steps to the water cycle and then learned our second song of the year! The water cycle song!

And boy was it a good day to learn about the water cycle! It poured after school!

It was also Mrs. M's birthday! I received a special treat and my students sang happy birthday to me! It was a special day. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people to teach!

Just another busy day in science!

Mrs. M


  1. Did you create a worksheet with the printable clipart? (Is it available?)

  2. Where can I find this change in matter activity sheet?

  3. Wondering, too, if you have your clipart / sheet available? Thanks! Love the song ;)

  4. do you think it is suitable for 2nd graders?